Gl!tch Metal Artwork


Here is a collection of much of the artwork I designed for a retro-style shooter called Gl!tch Metal. All programming and gameplay from Tyler at Timebomb. You can preview the game at the link below. Works best on Chrome Browser…


Glitch Metal Title Screen


Playing with the title screen animation for Shoot Em Up game Glitch Metal. If you like shooters or retro gaming you can preview it here Please keep it mind this is a work in progress. Works best with Google Chrome browser.

Organ Biker Greenlit on Steam

The Organ Biker Crew got some exciting news recently…we are Greenlit for Steam! What started out as a modest project, for 2 retro gaming fans, has grown past our expectations. Steam is an excellent source for gaming. No console needed, and your whole gaming library available to you online.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, and a HUGE thanks to Tylor (half of our crew), who has worked tirelessly on the programming side of things, and keeping this project going.

Look for Organ Biker on Steam in the Summer of 2015.