Killer GoldfishIn 1970s New York it is a dark and polluted time for the city, where waste disposal is careless, and frequent. A young girl distraught by her pet goldfish’s death, Goldy, is having a funeral and flushes him into the city’s sewer system. Little does she realize her precious Goldy was Prince of an underwater paradise, taken from his home.

Now with pollution bringing him back to life, the crown Prince returns home to find a very different world that he left so many years before. Where his parents, the King and Queen, along with the kingdoms residents suffer from possible and fantastic mutations and a new awareness that could spell the end for humanity!

Now the cities, and perhaps the world’s, only hope of surviving the rebel Prince and his mutated thugs plot to sink the city are a small group of oceanographers, scientists, and fisherman who see the turning of the tides. But will the Mayor and his cohorts believe this outlandish plot and help the scientists, or leave our rag tag group of heroes to die on their own trying to stop the evil fishes plot?!


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