What Is The Island About?

So I picked up this book at a yard sale, and for some stupid reason there’s no synopsis on the back. I bought it anyway, it was only 50 cents. Where’s the symbol for cents on a keyboard anyway? Does anyone even use cents anymore? Anyway, all the rest of the books were romances novels, or crap by people like Grisham. Booooring.

So all I’ve got to go on is the cover. Based on that, here is MY synopsis…


Born of a broken home on the streets of Miami, Skull was a hand gone Bad. A fist not even a mother could love. Addicted to nail polish. Flippin’ off old ladies. Giving hand jobs in back alleys. This paw could get no lower. But the spirit is strong.

Trying to straighten his life out, Skull joins the navy. Maybe the sea air will take his mind off the sins of the flesh. But things don’t get any easier for this enlisted hand. Bullied by his supposed comrades until the breaking point, he’s thrown out overboard, and left for dead.

With only his trusty blade and wits to rely on, Skull must survive the wilds of Lump Island. Wild Boars! Man-Eating Plants! Angry Natives! And somehow make it back to civilization to extract his revenge on a world that had forsaken him. This Meathook is coming for Vengeance!


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