Primal Takeover

I’m a big fan of fiction where animals take over the planet. Some of my favorites are Planet of the Apes, loved the last film, and Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth, an excellent Jack Kirby comic series from the 70’s. I’m using the format of a TV show intro to show my love of these ideas.

All of the animals are illustrations I made with pencils, inks and water-colours. This guy on the right, Polar Brute, is my favorite of the bunch.

My favorite part is definitely the Mount Rushmore scene near the end. It’s quick, but I was so proud when I made that work. I also made the music myself with GarageBand.

I also threw in a quick tribute to one of my all-time favorite filmakers, Alfred Hitchcock. If you’ve ever seen the film Vertigo, it will not be hard to spot.




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