Luke Cage, Tiger Puncher

art by Lee Elias & Jim Mooney

Now this is one hell of a manly comic panel. A guy, with bullet-proof skin, punching a Tiger in the face! Probably my favorite part is the tiger’s response of ‘ROWR?’. Love the inclusion of a question mark. This came from a reprint of Power Man & Iron Fist. The original Heroes for Hire.


One thought on “Luke Cage, Tiger Puncher

  1. I think the reprint you talk about is one of the 2 Essential TPs Marvel recently published: I own both of them, as I own almost every wonderful series 80s gave us.
    I admit it, I’m an 80s nostalgic. At those times colour wasn’t digitally added, superheroes did not look like a bunch of body builders and they did not hold ridiculously oversized weapons. Actually, they didn’t need any weapon at all: when they had to solve a problem, they used their brain instead of violence.
    The stories were better as well – of course we can find something good and something bad in each era, but at those times there was more irony, more deepness, and, most of all, more hugely talented authors. Nowadays, even if you find an ironic author, he’s ironic in a Tarantino way, like Garth Ennis. And even if he/she is talented, he/she will never reach the level of authors like Frank Miller or Chris Claremont.
    Anyway, the 10s started in a very good way. Both Marvel and DC are printing some high quality stuff: Marvel has Daredevil and Hawkeye, DC has Animal Man and Blue Beetle… even the other publishers, like Image and Dynamite, are regularly offering something intriguing.

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