Get Scalped Today!

Scalped is one of my all time favorite comic book series. It’s scheduled to end this week, and though I’ll be sad to see it go, I can’t help but look back at what a phenomenal story this is. Gritty, Blood Thirsty, and Driven…Crime Fiction, at it’s finest, in comic book form.

The writer, Jason Aaron, is becoming a force in the comic book industry currently writing some of Marvel’s hottest properties, including Wolverine and The X-Men. But Scalped is where he really got going, and you’d never know it. Reading this, I would guess he’d been writing for decades.

The artist, RM Guerra, supplies a gorgeously rendered cast, and often experiments with interesting panel work. These characters jump right off the page, and in your face. He’s also a pro with more subtle and quiet moments, giving us insight into the subject’s thoughts without any need for words.

As is with any of my favorite stories, Scalped is propelled by interesting and complex characters. It’s centers around Dash Bad Horse’s return to his rejected home, The Res. After leaving behind the town, and his troubled mother in his teens, he spends the next few years climbing the ranks of Law Enforcement, until making it into the FBI. Then is forced into undercover work back on the home front. The mission is to take down the Chief, Lincoln Red Crow, who shares close ties with Dash, and his family.

Really, the cast of characters is just amazing. I could go on forever about Dino Poor Bear, Diesel, Gina Bad Horse, Agent Nitz, Catcher, Shunka, seriously, I just don’t know where to start. Every one of them captivates, and for the most part is totally relatable, even if you hate the Gravel in their Guts.

The 60-issue story ends tomorrow. Pick this up if you love Crime Fiction, Comics, or any piece of Well-Crafted Art. You will not be sorry.


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