I Love Lucy Reboot? Or I Heart Tina Pitch?

I think it’s time we Rebooted I Love Lucy. This show was Awesome, and nothing is sacred now anyway. What the hell. Pay me a Million for this idea. Somebody! Anybody?

And First off this is still in Black n White.

Now Lucy, is actually Tina Faye. She wants to make it big in the movies. She doesn’t Have the chops, but that’s not stopping her. SHe’s clumsy and scheming and says the darndest things.

The  successful musician husband played by Lil’ Wayne. He’s our Ricky. He’s our access to Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood. Taking us on adventures to The Source Awards, Court Rooms, even The White House.

And Fillin’ in for the Mertz, we have John Goodman and Roseane Barr. Hell! We Love them already on that TV show…Whatzahoozitz! Plus I miss Roseanne.

Were gonna get lot’s of the hottest stars making appearances, just like the I Lovy Lucy of the 50’s. Watch for  Samuel L Jackson, Justin Bieber, Betty White, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more.

If you’re not that familiar with I Lovy Lucy, try my Documentary Short on I Love Lucy & Social Norms below…


2 thoughts on “I Love Lucy Reboot? Or I Heart Tina Pitch?

  1. Whether or not I was born during those times, I Love Lucy is/was the best sitcom in the history of television. This reboot sounds like it could work really well!

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