King Kong Escapes Big Budget

We start this 1967 Kaiju film in a Submarine that ends up near the Island of Mondo. The home of King Kong. The version I recommend is dubbed, and pretty hilariously so. There are so many odd and awkward sentences where characters state things like “we will go outside”, and then they do. Then other times, where the voice actors seem so uninterested you get the feeling they’re being paid by the word.

The plot is driven by a Mad Scientist’s search for Element X. It doesn’t matter what that is. He wears a cape, has the worst teeth I have ever seen.


Also he has an army of men dressed like mimes. Oh, and this Mad Scientist is named Doctor Who. Seriously. This paragraph should be all you need to know that this is a Must-Watch.

A robot is made by the Doctor/Mad Scientist that is as strong as Kong, and looks much like him right down to his monkey face (why it needs a monkey face, I don’t know).

a robot that looks like a gorilla for some reason

The robots purpose is extract to Element X from a mountain. But the Mechani-Kong apparently isn’t strong enough, so they need the real Kong. Some humans get in the way, etc. That’s more or less the plot.

We get hilarious fights between Kong and A Dinosaur (great sound effects), Kong and a multi-headed sea serpent (it’s never really even addressed, it just happens), and the climactic fight between Kong and Mechani-Kong (on top of what looks like the Eiffel Tower, with Christmas lights, in Tokyo). These are all entertaining, and all of these monsters have pretty awful costumes, save for Mechani-Kong. In fact King Kong looks like a bad children’s Halloween costume.


There are tons of cool miniatures, tiny helicopters and a tiny hovercraft. And they don’t look real. Which suits this movie fine. It’s campy and fun. There’s even a lipstick communicator.

And at the end Kong beats up a boat and swims home.

Really it’s a Romp. Not to be taken seriously. It was only one of two Japanese made Kong films. The other being King Kong versus Godzilla. Great to watch with friends over couple drinks. No complaints here.


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