The Bartender

I’ve been playing around with different ideas for my illustration work, and am pretty happy with the results of this piece. Though I wish I could scan it, the phone-pic doen’t quite do it justice.

I do the illustration on parchment paper, which allows for redo’s as it’s pretty much just tracing paper. If tracing your own art is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. That’s all in ink. And then I do the colour on a separate piece of paper, which allows me to try different colour schemes. Scotty loves options.

The piece itself is supposed to give you an impression of a lonely or contemplative bartender, sitting in the beam of a lone spotlight. Is he sad? Ponderous? Contemplating the mixture of a shot? There is also a picture hanging on the wall behind him of a gentleman from another era. Is this his father? The old owner? Both? Or Just a man of inspiration?

I purposefully left the image ambiguous so a person can put a little of themselves into it, and imagine their own story. However this creates the problem of how to name it. A name will take you in a direction on it’s own.

So i’ve come up with some titles, and would love feed back. Vote and/or Comment below for your favorite.


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