Godzilla GMK, A Stupid Amount of Fun

Left to Right, Mothra, King Ghidorah & Godzilla

I recently started watching a bunch of Kaiju (Giant Monster) film’s as it was one of the few genres that I had yet to explore. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (a mouthful, I know), from 2001, was one of the first Godzilla movies, and Kaiju movies, I had ever seen.

I Was Blown Away!

This movie is pure unadulterated fun. It never takes itself too seriously, a definite plus for a Godzilla movie, and it has spectacular effects. And I mean effects, not just CGI. It has some awesome rubber suits for the actors to waddle around in that look scaly and prehistoric. There are tons of tiny miniatures for the monsters to crush. And the few places you notice CGI, it’s there supporting other cool effects. All stitched together seamlessly to offer some breath-taking visuals.

I won’t get into the specifics of the monsters themselves, or the plot, which the rest of the Internet can handle just fine. Just know that Godzilla is the villain. The role he was born to play.

The film has great fight scenes with the monsters. I love the human characters, which means a lot. As good as any giant monster fight is, you need something to bring you into the fights, then, back out again. Otherwise it would feel much like a Bond movie, where there are so many action scenes, that you stop caring about them altogether. Pacing is important, and this film does it well.


There are tons of funny moments (some of which poking fun at the previous films, but nothing that would lesson your experience, having not seen them) and some nice father-daughter scenes from the main characters that help give the film heart. The daughter is a reporter, working for a less than credible news organization, and the father works for the military, which of course, plays a key role during the film’s climax. These two take us through the film, and they do a wonderful job.

I cannot express how much fun this movie is. Now, that said, if you are generally the type of person who will only watch films regarded as critical darlings, and cannot enjoy silliness, this film is not for you. It does not try to be more than it should be. A Fantastic, Silly, Popcorn Thrill-Ride, Full of Monster Stomping Action.

Make sure you watch the sub-title version. Dubbing does not serve this genre well.


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