The Fenix Haz Rizzen

Tenacious D, Rize of the Fenix is a Great Comedy album with tons of Rockin’ Beats.

If you don’t already know Tenacious D, The Comedy Rock Duo is Jack Black (that guy from pretty much every movie that ever cast an energetic fat guy from the last 20 years) and Kyle Gass from other things, probably. Maybe not.

This is a comeback album, and the D knows it. That’s how it’s written. Just listen to the first track. Pick of Destiny, the previous film and album by the D, were a flop.  No matter how good the track Master Exploder was, the fans all needed a formidable amount of weed and booze to get behind the cock push-ups and the power slides.

Tenacious D are determined to turn this around and renew their legacy.

The Rize of the Fenix is best when you listen to lyrics, cause they’re funny as hell, but can still be appreciated if you just love to get into a groovy riff. We get quick comedy skits, flamenco guitar, hair metal, you name it. They throw it all against the wall, and it sticks.

Favorite Tracks

The best track off the album is the one with the most heart, The Roadie. It still gives me chills after a multiple listens. Brings me back to the heyday of Motorhead and ‘We are the Roadcrew’, but dare I say, better?

And my God, The Ballad of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Cage. So much tongue-in-cheek reality, it defies all logic. What is real? What is fiction? The lines have been forever blurred.

39 is just so wrong, and so right at the same time. The crudeness mixed with a country western flair. Dear God, the D now own me forever.

If you’re a fan of comedy albums or great music, or better, both, then this album needs your undivided attention. And the D have been streaming it at the below link. Try it on.


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