Organ Biker on Steam Greenlight

We met our goal on Kickstarter, and thanks so much to everyone who donated, shared, and supported. Part of our funding was to get us on Steam Greenlight, and WE MADE IT!!! I dusted off my editing skills to create the trailer above. You can vote for us on Steam Greenlight below. Thanks again guys.

Mountain Hiker

Mountain Hiker sdf 2014

It’s been quite a while since I’ve really sat down and done any drawing. I’ve been putting most of my creative efforts into the video game Organ Biker, which you can see all over this blog. And I recently got a promotion at work. So needless to say my favourite past-time has suffered.

My step-mom got me a new sketchbook and pen-set for Christmas, and it’s storming outside here in Halifax today. So here we have it. Some dude hiking through the mountains in the snow. More to come I hope.